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Cobra radar detector

Cobra radar detector

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Code: RAD250

The Cobra RAD 250 remotely identifies all radar equipment in Romania, operating in the K-band, similar to the detection devices. In addition, the LaserEye function allows the detector to capture the laser signals at 3600. And with the Instant-On Ready function, the detector can receive instantaneous signals from the radar guns that monitor the speed of movement. Avoid false alarms from other detection bands, such as X and Ka, as you can select the band where radar detection is performed. Furthermore, reduce false alarms and adjust sensing sensitivity to the speed of movement. So, in town, at low speeds, you have the City Mode, which reduces the sensitivity in the X band. And on the highway, at High Speed, you have the Highway Mode, whereby the detector becomes active on all the broadcasting bands. With Anti-Falsing Circuitry, false alerts from sources other than radar equipment are automatically reduced. With the Cobra RAD 250 detector, you have great comfort without being tired at the wheel, the intensity of audible warnings being reduced by the AutoMute function. And the brilliant display shows the tape where the signal was detected with different color icons.   LaserEye Detects the 360-degree laser signal VG-2 Alert Warning the driver when supervised by a radar detector detection device Immunity VG-2 Provides complete immunity to detection by VG-2 radar detectors Instant-On Detects instantaneous signals from radar equipment Anti Falsing Circuitry Automatically reduces false alerts from sources other than radar equipment Brilliant display The recognition of tapes is easy with the icons on the display City / Highway mode selector The user can select the operating mode, reducing false alarms in densely populated urban areas Signal strength indicator It gives the user the opportunity to appreciate the distance from the radar

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